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Grand Theft Auto IV - AGB Golden Team ladihamm




Posted 05 July, 2005 03:48 AM by Filippo Pasted 09 November, 2006 03:28 PM by Howard Filippo Brancato Uploaded 09 November, 2006 03:28 PM by Howard This is a collection of original virtual machines for the PC. With the help of these machines and the program TSG, the players can play the games that are actually on CD without having to copy them from CD. In the list below are all the different sources of the game: cdromimages - download CD images from the internet. A lot of games are available. Old games of MS DOS, Linux and Unix. vintagesoftware - Direct download of game files for Windows. You get the game CD, the game files, the config files and a lot of other files. Once you download it, you extract the contents of the zip archive to a place you want and run vintagesoftware. Artstation - Same as vintagesoftware, but with better versions of games. Artstation has just a few games compared to vintagesoftware, but is free. Artstation also supports more than DOS and Linux. Authoring System - A program to read and write game CDs, once you have a copy of a game CD. TSG - The tools that combine the virtual machines together. Update 05 November, 2006 03:28 AM by Howard Downloading all the games and the virtual machines for PC What you need 1. Download Gnutella. At the Gnutella homepage, download version 1.0.1. Extract the compressed archive to your hard drive. You will find a folder in your Gnutella folder named pk 3. cd to the Gnutella folder. In the Gnutella folder, right-click pk 3 and choose Extract to. Rename the file pk 3 to gnut.exe. Open gnut.exe and select the radio button Extract. If you do not see the Extract radio button, right-click the icon and choose Extract. Extract to a location on your hard drive. Install the program TSG. For Windows XP, go to the TSG homepage and download the ZIP file for Windows XP. Double-click the ZIP file to extract it. Go to the TSG folder in the gnut folder. In this folder, you will find 2 files: cd.exe and tsg.exe. Double-click cd.exe to open it.



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Grand Theft Auto IV - AGB Golden Team ladihamm

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