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Facts on TNR

What is a Feral Cat ?


A feral cat is one that has little or no human contact, is a stray or has been abandoned and has reverted to the wild.  Feral cats avoid human contact. Adult feral cats usually cannot be socialized and are most content living outside. Feral kittens up to ten weeks of age, can often be socialized and tamed.


What is TNR ?


Why TNR ? Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) is an effective way to control feral colonies. Feral cats are found in every community. When cats are not sterilized they reproduce. Cats and their offspring bond together in groups called colonies. The colonies stay where there is a food source. People care for colonies and provide food, water, and shelter.

To manage colonies, Trap/Neuter/Return is the only solution. TNR is humane and painless. Cats will no longer reproduce and the colony is manageable.  TNR is the only chance that feral cats have to live a safe and healthy life. TNR requires committment and dedication. For assistance in TNR, please contact us at

Why We TNR ?

The average life of a feral cat is 18 months.

Cats can reproduce as young as 4 months of age.

The gestation period of a cat is 56-65 days.

A female cat can go into heat every 14-21 days.

An unaltered cat and their offspring can produce over 400,000 cats in 7 years.

Early spay/neuter is beneficial to cats because :

        it produces less scar tissue

        it is less stressful on the cat

        there is a shorter recovery period when the cat is very young

        there is a lower risk of complications from surgery

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